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Senseleq delivers advanced measurement components for the T&D eco-system, helping to identify operational challenges by combining field application expertise, proven technology and high-quality manufacturing. We leverage 75 years’ experience in the electricity transmission and distribution market plus the current transformer design expertise of the zero-flux sensing technology leader to develop solutions for you.


Changing eco-system

The power utilities business is changing globally. Where once the main providers of electrical power were coal, gas, oil, and nuclear power stations, today renewable sources of power, such as wind and solar are becoming significant. This is driving huge changes in all aspects of the electrical power industry, including new power quality and metering challenges requesting a new current measurement approach.

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Basics Zero-Flux Technology

The Zero-flux principle was discovered in the 1980s and used for air gap magnetometers. The First Zero-flux DCCTs were built in the 1960s by the Danish company DANFYSIK, amongst others. Today, the technology facilitates highly accurate current measurements from DC up to the megahertz range. Likewise, a few mA up to 40 kA can be measured with highest precision, accuracy, and stability. The basic measurement principles are explained in this whitepaper.


Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement

Accurate and trustable measurement from DC to few hundred kHz is a must in R&D to support the product design by challenging the performances like assessing the impact of power quality on the equipment like power transformers or switchgears. It is also key for certification laboratories to deliver the official certificates for energy metering for example. The increase of higher performances measurement is pulling the need for zero-flux current transducers.

HV/MV Sub-stations

HV/MV Sub-stations

The nature of the electrical signal in the grid is changing dramatically from a pure AC sinewave to a complex one with potentially supra and sub harmonics presence. Being able to measure such signal is becoming key to monitor and protect sub-station equipment like power transformers and/or switchgears. Conventional ACCT could reach their limits to provide complete a picture for power quality analysis where zero-flux transducers can do it.



To secure the overall electricity supply, interconnection via HVDC lines between different national grids and renewable power plants like an off-short wind park is critical. The conversion AC/DC and DC/AC is made by a power converter using zero-flux current transducers to guaranty the performance of the power electronic control loop.

Case studies

Windmills in the woods

A quiet retrofit

Retrofitting Current Transducers (CT) in a noisy 400 kV power transformer of a wind farm grid connection to measure the DC current in 400 kV phases and neutral. Find out more


Going digital

A current transformer for wide range digitization. Find out more


High harmonic content

A high-current DC current transducer (CT) – also capable of measuring high level AC current harmonic content. Find out more


High-voltage reference

Reference current transducer (CT) for a high-voltage test laboratory. Find out more


Model validation

Development of a harmonics measurement system / Power Quality measurement system to perform model validation at points of common coupling of wind parks - up to 50 kHz harmonics. Find out more

Who we are

Senseleq: to serve the future

In the ever-evolving landscape of electrical transmission and distribution, Senseleq stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. Born from the union of ELEQ and Danisense, Senseleq blends the rich heritage of ELEQ’s eight decades of experience in the electricity transmission and distribution market with Danisense’s expertise in current transformer design and zero-flux sensing technology. Their deep-rooted knowledge and extensive industry connections have set a solid foundation for Senseleq.

As we move forward into 2024, ELEQ will take the wheel of Senseleq, steering it towards new horizons. This transition comes with the assurance of continuity. Danisense’s expertise remains within reach, ensuring that our projects continue to benefit from the best minds in the field. This collaborative spirit underscores our belief that ideal solutions are born from the synergy of diverse talents, whether they be our trusted partners or valued clients.

Senseleq is the ideal technology partner. We are dedicated to serving Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs), power quality instrument manufacturers, and sub-station equipment OEMs. Our mission is to deliver innovative, reliable, and precise solutions that meet the unique challenges of our clients.

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